Balmung, Lavender Beds, Ward 15, Plot 1

The guild has shifted to a self organizing model for the forseeable future! The venue and discord are still available for people to make use of to organize their adventures!

“Oh, I know that look! That's an adventurer ready to take on the world!” - Tataru Taru

Eclipse was founded to create a safe, comfortable environment for friends to write and enjoy our hobbies together. We strive the build the community to be just that.We are a safe, respectful, and inclusive LGBTQ+ community, where we hope members can feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Eclipse is an adventurers guild serving the FFXIV community, catering specifically to adventurer characters, adventuring companies, as well as DM's and story writers.Inspired by campaigns like DnD or the 1.0 FFXIV cinematic, Eclipse aims to provide an environment for adventurers to gather before setting off on their next grand adventure!Eclipse runs on a 2 week quest cycle, with multiple DMed events throughout each. These adventures are run by members of the community, and are open for adventurers to join, or DM's to run their own!

What are quests?

Quests are DMed events run by either members of the Eclipse Community or guests, and can be either one offs, or tied into a larger recurring plot line. Many have different themes, ranging from exploration, to investigation, to combat, and more! Quests are listed in the #quest-board channel in the Eclipse discord.

How do I join?

With each venue opening, new quests are posted to the quest board! Characters can then come in to the venue on open nights to sign up for the quests, meet their party members, and gather information for the job ahead. Some quests also have briefings in the war room for parties to meet, prepare, and plan! After joining a quest ICly, you will be added to the discord thread for that quest. Communication and information specific to the quests live in these threads.

All prices are simply flavor, there is no real gil exchanged.

All prices are simply flavor, there is no real gil exchanged.


Nhia SolunaGuildmaster

Keisuke OkumuraGuildmaster

Galen KisneVenue Manager

Jongelur DjrnFront Desk Lead

Lhun'a WahloraFront Desk Lead

U'myrra NdaiBar Lead

Alami CrestMaid

Ehqo BajhiriExecutive Chef

Yumi KasaiFloor Staff

Eliza WainwrightFloor Staff

Betelgeuse ProximaBartender